wpshoot // anna + nat are wed!

Three days before the big day (aka hip surgery) I finished out my 2016 photo season with the wedding of Nat & Anna. After having a rainy engagement session, we were gifted with a beautiful day in PA/DE on a farm that has been owned by a member of Nat’s family for…well, quite sometime. They got married with only their closest family in a tiny chapel (formerly a spring house) and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to close out a season.

















wedding wednesday: submissions

This is my mother’s handiwork. Well the cake portion. The photo portion is care of Eric Kelley Photography. And well….the pretty model was made super pretty by his wife, Lora Elaine. It’s all just one little happy wedding family here, and I’d like to make it even better.

Throwing Cake is looking to add a “Real Wedding” element to the weekly rotation. Have you recently gotten married and thought your wedding was the bees knees? Did you spend hours DIYing your best friend’s wedding and you want to show how amazing your handiwork…I mean…the wedding was? Are you a photographer with weddings or engagement shoots that made you grin in joy and sigh in happiness? Well, we’d like to feature you (or at least, the special event).

All submissions can be sent to whitney (at) throwingcake.com and we will follow up with you regarding any additional information needed. 

wedding wednesday: back lights

a few simple truths:

Work has been insane.

I barely have time for meals, let alone time for blogging.

I really love great photo backlighting.

All of these are absolutely true. Work has been insane (and will be through next week, so I pre-apologize for the bad posting scheduling). But in my first moment of the day to settle down, I found myself infatuated with these images by The Reason Photography. Now, all I want to do it take photographs in different lighting, also, if it is your wedding day…take advantage of all the different lighting you will have over the course of the entire day. This isn’t a day you’ll ever forget so capturing everything is essential (but that may be the photographer in me speaking).

You can find more information on The Reason at thereasonilove.com

a day as a ….

My entire body aches and I didn’t get my car inspected (oops), but what I did do this saturday was follow around one Eric Kelley and really get a crash course into the world of high-end wedding photography (yes, it included iPhones).

On set with @erickelley

While I clearly contributed less then the man of the hour, I will say my design eye may have come in handy once or twice (it’s good to have a girl focused on the publishing friendly detail shots). But it was all is all an awesome and fantastic time.

Happy Wedding Rachel + Brad. (cc @erickelley )

Congrats to Rachel + Brad. Happy Wedding!